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Strangers and Pilgrims Series

[ The Last of the Wagon Pioneers Audio Foreword ]

The Strangers and Pilgrims Series involves the lives and drama of four generations of the Trevor family. Their life experiences run the full spectrum of human emotion drawing the reader into a deep involvement with this family-even following them in death into the very heart of heaven where mysteries and questions of their life lived are finally answered.

THE LAST OF THE WAGON PIONEERS begins this incredible adventure with the story of Farmer and Emile's dangerous and exciting journey in a chuck wagon from Texas to Oregon during the height of the Roaring Twenties.

A PLACE FOR FARMER AND EMILE is the impacting sequel to the first book taking Farmer and Emile and their children through trials of the Great Depression and World War II.

JANEE is the never to forget life of Farmer and Emile's granddaughter.

CAUGHT UP The climax to the first three books moves along to the third generation of the Trevor family, Caleb, Farmer and Emile's great grandson.

TRIBULATION'S SEVEN SEALS is the fast paced tale of Caleb and Sarah's teenage boy Mark as he fights for survival in a very hostile world.

TRIBULATION SAINTS the powerful sequel to book five and the continuing saga of flight and courage by Mark and his friends.

MILLENNIAL KINGDOM Follow the characters from the first six books into this action packed adventure that will generate laughter, tears and an emotional connection right up to the intense dynamic conclusion of the Great White Throne Judgement.

Book #7 "Millennial Kingdom"
Book #6 "Tribulation Saints"
Book #5 "Tribulation's Seven Seals"
Book #4 "Caught Up"
Book #3 "Janee"
Book #2 "A Place for Farmer and Emile"
Book #1 "The Last of the Wagon Pioneers"

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