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Tribulations Seven Seals

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Book #5
Tribulation's Seven Seals

Millions of people have disappeared in an instant from the earth, including Mark Hillag's missionary parents, Caleb and Sarah Hillag, and his sister Esther. Mark is left alone in a world suddenly turned upside-down. When he tries to escape from Mexico City to return to the States, a Marine commandeers Mark and his car to take him to a Mexican resort town. There, Mark meets Nikki Savage, whose parents have also disappeared.

Thus begins Mark and Nikki's story of flight and survival, life and death, as one by one the Tribulation's Seven Seals, described in the Book of Revelation, are opened upon the earth. Will Mark and Nikki be able to survive in a world that is increasingly growing more hostile, dangerous, and deadly?

Follow the unfolding and gripping adventure in Tribulation's Seven Seals, the 5th Book in the Strangers and Pilgrims Series.

(Age appropriate: 14 to 100)

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